H.U.E is a bot on discord with the goal to give users the best and lag free experience.

High quality

H.U.E is coded with love and uses the newest Technology such as Slash commands 

Free To use 

We don't want money for to use the bot. But you can still donate to support the Developers.

Low Ping

H.U.E is hosted in Maincubes FRA1 with a fast Connection to give you the best experience with the lowest ping.

24/7 online

H.U.E is hosted on Linux so it dont needs to restart every Week like Windows

Privacy POlicy

Data Collection

The Bot collects only the User/Server ID's to save the Settings

Data Security

Your data is securely stored in the database and will not be shared with any third parties.


If you want to get your data deleted from the database please contact us at our Support Server


This Privacy Policy applies for H.U.E#8352 and Pups Radio#7424


Adding the Bot

You can add the bot by visiting www.invite.hue-bot.com or by pressing the button below

Music Panel

The Music Panel

The Music Panel is very advanced and easy to use


  • Looping Songs/Queue
  • Skip the Song
  • Pause the Song
  • Change the Volume
  • Forward/Rewind 10 Seconds
  • Disable the Button text (better for mobile users)
  • Enable Autoplay to play similar songs
  • Shuffle the Songs


You can get premium by Donating to me. This also helps to keep the bot and Website alive.

You can request a Premium Demo for 7 days by contacting stuffmaker in the Support Server

Your Premium Perks:

  • Changing the music System banner
  • 24/7 Music
  • Custom Playlists at the Music Panel